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Sunset: Random journal page 189

This week's collage from one of my sketchbooks. I always love abstracting figures and I really like the position of the realistic shadow and the cartoonish cutout.

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Exploring an abaondoned cabin in Rancocas State Park

Last week I posted the first part of our adventures exploring Rancocas State Park. After we turned the corner from the ruins that I shared at the end of that post, we found this much more intact abandoned log cabin. Covered in graffiti and left to be retaken by the woods, it was clearly a really cute cabin when it was built -- 1950 if the stone in front is accurate.

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Exploring Rancocas State Park

Our first adventure exploring our new state! Rancocas State Park is one of many intriguing parks in our area. We hiked part of the creekside trail which winds through the woods and offers views of Rancocas Creek. The forest was full of mushrooms and filled with the remnants of piers and buildings.

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