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Exploring Amico Island

A few weeks ago, Dave and I took an impromptu evening hike at Amico Island Park which is actually a peninsula that just out where the Rancocas Creek and Delaware River meet. It's a beautiful park with wide, easy to navigate trails. Small ponds are scattered around the park, but the real stunner is the spot where the two bodies of water meet and you can see across the water to Pennsylvania, people fishing, and tons of water fowl.
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Exploring Black Run Preserve

The closest state park to our new house is Black Run Preserve. Last November, they sponsored a trail hike with guides sharing the history of the area, the unique ecosystem, and the flora & fauna of the area.
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Sunset: Random journal page 189

This week's collage from one of my sketchbooks. I always love abstracting figures and I really like the position of the realistic shadow and the cartoonish cutout.
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Exploring Rancocas State Park

Our first adventure exploring our new state! Rancocas State Park is one of many intriguing parks in our area. We hiked part of the creekside trail which winds through the woods and offers views of Rancocas Creek. The forest was full of mushrooms and filled with the remnants of piers and buildings.
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Beauty in Things: Random Journal Page 186

This week's random spread from one of my sketchbooks features a found poem and a mixed media drawing. As always, the poem text is in full below. O'Keefe would be proud! The latter was for one of her
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