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Dawn of the Dead (2004): Quarantine Cinema Day 1

Introducing Quarantine Cinema!

We're screening pandemic movies and first up is Dawn of the Dead (2004). In the past, I've shared a few movies occasionally on the blog, but since everyone's all digging in, let's watch some infectious films. Also, I figured now's a good time to re-dedicate myself to the blog. Maybe you'll be inspired to watch along.

So bear with me, I know it’s not an obvious start for Quarantine Cinema, but since zombies spread like an infection, we're going to be watching quite a few zombie flicks. Don't worry, lots of virus and similar themed movies are coming up if zombies aren't your jam.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

The original Dawn of the Dead is a classic for a reason: the highly contagious zombies, the iconic shopping mall, and the social commentary on consumerism; I can see why it was up a remake. Although Dawn of the Dead (2004) could never replace the original cult classic -- and one of my all time favorites -- I enjoyed and recommend this updated version.

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Ana (Sarah Polley), our front line nurse

Lots of gore and some great characters to get attached to before they get killed. Set in Milkwaukee, we first meet Ana (Sarah Polley) a hard working nurse. As things escalate, she quickly partners with policeman Kenneth (Ving Rhames) and their group of survivors expands quickly.

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Ana (Sarah Polley), our front line nurse joins up policeman Kenneth (Ving Rhames)

I especially love Andre (Mekhi Phifer) and his struggle to save his pregnant wife and unborn child. Socialogically, it passes the Bechdel test and features black characters that aren't just redshirts.

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) of a Andre (Mekhi Phifer)

Lots of old school gore and traditional stupid zombies. This remains fairly true to the Romero vision, although they're much faster.

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) of a group of zombies running toward the camera.

For me the jokes and references to the original were fun and appreciated. It's good to honor your roots.

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) of Steve (Ty Burrell) fighting a zombie.

Despite the writing credit, Romero had no hand in the remake and had this to say

It was better than I expected. I thought it was a good action film. The first 15, 20 minutes were terrific, but it sort of lost its reason for being. It was more of a video game. I’m not terrified of things running at me; it’s like ‘Space Invaders.’ There was nothing going on underneath.  

Still from Dawn Of The Dead (2004) of a young zombie girl.

Join in the fun

Let me know what I should add to my ever growing list either on social media or email me here. For now I'm sticking with movies -- theatrical releases, straight to DVD, or TV movies. Let's make #quarantinecinema happen.

Poster for Dawn of the Dead (2004)Watch it today

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