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Book of the Week

Nice Girls Don't Smell

Nice Girls Don't Smell is the third in a series of feminist zines exploring rigid expectations for women's thoughts, actions, and behavior. Collages of vintage ads create an overwhelming standard for

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Book of the Week: Week 36, 2014

I went gaga over a silly doll catalog while at a friend's house and she sent it to me. With dolls shot like models for a high fashion magazine and claiming to be

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The Dark

Book of the Week: Week 50, 2014

This little book is an accordion with a signature sewn into each fold. The images are squares cut from a copy of one of my collages.

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A simple pamphlet bound book with a leather, envelope-style cover. The images are from my Uncle Dave's house on Lake Michigan.

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Pantone Book

Book of the Week: Week 38, 2014

A friend of mine gifted me a bunch of paper when she moved including some Pantone sheets. I cut off the printing information that is on the top of each sheet and

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Book of the Week: Week 31, 2011

A series of photos taken with some expired Impossible Project film. I do love the serendipity of expired film! The photos alternate with handwritten text.

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Book of the Week: Week 34, 2015

Inspired by the summer theme for the First Exposure participants, I contemplated my own changing landscapes. Since I work from home and spend lots of time cloud gazing, I thought that would be an excellent starting point. These prints are what happens when my printer runs out of ink.I thought the transformation to apocalyptic, ominous skies was cool and, indeed, the landscape was changed.

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Book of the Week: Week 33, 2010

A coptic bound book that is made from scrap paper originally used in between damp linocut prints. The pages were used as drop cloths on my flat file during a few different projecs and developed very nice patterns and splatters. I tore down  three large sheets into a small book with a dozen signatures. The size allows you to focus on individual splatters, brush strokes and ghost impressions.



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Book of the Week: Week 24, 2010

I love the parade in San Francisco! I took over 500 digital images and, of course, I had some film cameras as well and those negs are floating around here somewhere, so those will wait for another day.



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