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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: Week 25, 2010

I took a few hundred pictures while on a road trip to Santa Cruz. The impressionistic blurs of trees and highway passing create a lush book with a lot of activity. I printed it

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Book of the Week: Week 24, 2011

My friend Anita took me to explore the beautiful beach town of Bolinas, CA. A quintissential California beach town, Bolis is the point where the Norther tip of land separates the bay from the ocean

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Book of the Week: Week 17, 2011

The images in this tape bound book are of another student in an alternative photography class. He installed a series of appropriated religious images in a cross hanging in the window. I further

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Book of the Week: Week 16, 2010

This book is one of a duo and should probably be called "Ode to a plastic camera" because the cute Lomo Oktomat that took these pictures no longer advances film. This simple

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Book a Week: Week 42, 2010

The insides of this book are a collection of work by students in CCSF's Bookbinding class offered during the summer of 2009 and taught by Carrie Galbraith. 18 students plus Carrie each created a short

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