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Laura Chenault is an interdisciplinary artist creating art from a feminist and a post-modernist perspective. She believes concept and content must work hand and hand with presentation and display. Medium, scale, and delivery are critical components of every project. Her process begins in her extensive journals that are filled with notes, scribbles, ramblings, and inspiration. With time and perseverance, ideas take fruition. Form and function are always considered as part of the initial image making. 

She has a BFA in photography from the University of Illinois. The disciplines she works in are photography, collage, book arts, installation art, performance, printmaking, and film making. She lives in Niagara Falls and likes to wander. Follow what she is up to over on her blog.

Artist Statement

I dream as I wander and gather.
Weaving together the threads of the universe,
art energizes life's cycles.
Changing and growing,
we recreate landscapes outside and within.
Elements and symbols, the pieces of the puzzle.

I make art reflecting the world around me.
Exploring and observing,
I find beauty in the microscopic,
the overlooked,
and the discarded.
Making art is like breathing –
necessary for life.