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The front cover of Bookbie featuring a single large eye.
A spread from Bookbie. On the left red textured paper with a circle and on the right a doll in polka dots.
A spread from Bookbie. On the left is polka dotted netting from a dress and the right has pink dots on white.
A spread from Bookbie. On the left is a bent arm and the right has a blonde curl with polka dotted netting
A spread from Bookbie featuring a doll face wearing a flowered hat.
A spread from Bookbie featuring a vintage doll in pink floral with a pink hat.
A spread fromBookbie. On the left is pink dots on white paper and on the right is part of a doll wearing polka dots.
A spread from Bookbie with the midriff of a doll wearing black netting and white elbow length gloves.
A spread from Bookbie featuring part of a doll head with a large green and white bow in her hair.
A view of the Bookbie with all of the pages spread out.

Book of the Week: Week 36, 2014

I went gaga over a silly doll catalog while at a friend's house and she sent it to me. With dolls shot like models for a high fashion magazine and claiming to be representational of women around the world, the catalog was fascinating. Completely staged and shot with shallow depth of field and showing off the best of the best. I kept trying to create something larger, and then decided going for small pieces was the best option. I tore it down in to tiny pages and combined them with the brightest, candy-colored papers I had around. Polka-dots and stripes in shades of pink, blue and red mix it up with fragments of doll images.Circular cutouts combined with patterns create a recurring polka dot theme. Vampy and campy.