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Random Journal Page 154

This week's spread from one of my sketchbooks features a found poem created using redacted text that is paired with a photo mural piece that is stained with fix.

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Random Journal Page 153

Hands posing in position to create shadow puppets combine beautifully with the skeleton-masked dia de los meurtos celebrator. If you look closely, you'll see an older collage poking out on the left.

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Random Journal Page 151

I'm back from a short posting hiatus. This week's spread from one of my sketchbooks. The text in part reads "the personal is political".

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I'm following Guiganoide

I'm in love with Guiganoide's funky illustrations of popular characters, especially her ​pieces of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from one of my favorite cartoons: Adventure Time. And if you look closely at their tattoos and coffee cups, they're a couple!

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The Book of Memory Gaps

The Book of Memory Gaps by Cecilia Ruiz is a beautifully illustrated series of short tales featuring characters that have different types of memory loss. Thoughtful, beautiful and poetic, the words accompanying each photo are just enough to tell the story.

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