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Work: Random Journal Page 172

This week's random journal page is from a very stressed out day. And instead of doing the WORK that was stressing me out, I choose to work in my sketchbook. 

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Fire: Random Journal Page 171

This week's random page from one of my sketchbooks plays with the juxtaposition of textures. The torn edge of the photo copy mimics the edge of the fire.

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Consume: Random Journal Page 168

Another random spread from one of my many sketchbooks. The left side is an offcut from a letterpress class I took. Someday I hope to own my own press.

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I lied to you

When you asked me how I've been. I lied. I said I was fine, but it's not really true.

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Flare: Random Journal Page 164

I was raised on Polaroid and I always and forever love the whirr of the motor, the image shooting out, and developing immediately. Well in a minute or so. Another week, another spread from my sketchbooks.

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