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I lied to you

When you asked me how I've been. I lied. I said I was fine, but it's not really true.
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Flare: Random Journal Page 164

I was raised on Polaroid and I always and forever love the whirr of the motor, the image shooting out, and developing immediately. Well in a minute or so. Another week, another spread from my sketchbooks.
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Inspired by Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon draws women and the spaces that they live in. Woman that look like my friends doing normal everyday things. Her diverse woman are watching TV, taking showers, eating chips. Her rooms look as if they someone has just walked out of frame and left their jeans, their dog, and Dolly Parton on the record player. Definitely click over to her site to see them all!
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Exploring the Sculpture Garden at Recology

This is my second visit to Recology SF; AKA the San Francisco dump. San Francisco has a massive recycling program that includes compost. Recology is where the sorting happens. In addition to having educational programs about recycling and waste management, they have supported an artist in residence program since 1990. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.
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Random Journal Page 159

This week's random journal page from one of my many sketchbooks The text is attributed to "Prison Graffito" and says "Even the sun, with all its warmth, is marvelously detached."
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