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I lied to you

Warning: Skip this post if you just want regular artsy stuff ;)

When you asked me how I've been. I lied. I said I was fine, but it's not really true.

If you don't know this, last September Dave and I were evicted from our adorable apartment. EVICTED. To quote Willow, "it's such a strong word. Kind of a guttural, Anglo-Saxon word". One of the Latin definitions for evict is defeated. Sadly how I feel inside many days. 

How have I been? Screaming inside. Crying outside. And just generally stressed.

We are fortunate to be not sleeping in a tent, but our time at our friends' house is drawing to a close.

Our new plan? A trailer! We're going to squeeze ourselves and the kitties into a trailer. It's challenging because we have a TON of stuff and are busy paring it all down. Do you want some stuff? We have it!

To do this we need your help!

How can you help?

I'll be posting a ton of stuff on Amazon and eBay so watch this space for those links! 

Of course we're also accepting direct donations:

  • Use the tip jar 
  • Patreon
  • Venmo
  • PayPal account is through my email:
  • LINK
  • Bitcoin address: 1Gz61pe5RLRyDYLNVg1dzdXBXjjxaX4G37

I haven't been able to get it set up on our website, but if there is a piece of art that you want, make me an offer! I would rather it live in your house than store or destroy it.