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Red hills: random journal page 192

Red hills is a mixed media collage from one of my sketchbooks. I especially like how the watercolor pencils show the random tourist brochure in the background.

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Get art in the mail! Who wants a postcard?

Alongside a renewed commitment to updating this blog more, I'm taking advantage of having a  space of my own to make some art.

In that vein, I'm announcing a new project to share my art with you! I've been printing and cutting and collaging and I have a stack of small art ready to arrive in your mailbox. A couple of dozen lucky friends, supporters, and random folks from the internet should get the first round in their mailboxes any day now.

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Sunset: Random journal page 189

This week's collage from one of my sketchbooks. I always love abstracting figures and I really like the position of the realistic shadow and the cartoonish cutout.

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