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Internal Dialogue | Artist and Curator Talk

I was honored to have this photo from my Isolation Falls series featured in One Twelve Gallery's Internal Dialogue exhibit curated by Michael Kirchoff and Fran Forman

Isolation Falls by Laura Chenault selected as part of One Twelve's Internal Dialogue exhibit. A healthcare worker after a long shift enjoying empty Niagara Falls State Park

Internal Dialogue | Artist and Curator Talk

The curators and the artists talked about the impacts of the pandemic on our creative practice. 

See the entire exhibit here:

The original announcement:


Niagara Falls State Park

My first winter in Niagara Falls was empty and gray. See more photos from my isolation adventures on these blog posts:

Technical Info

For this series, and a lot of my work recently, I'm using a plastic Holga lens with my DSLR. I like having the dreamy Holga look with the convenience of DSLR.