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Exploring Terrapin Point

I finally made exploring Terrapin Point with Dave -- the closest you can be to the crest of the horseshoe falls. At least on the American side

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Exploring Prospect Point

I finally saw the falls while exploring Prospect Point. It was an overcast day, and thanks to social isolation, the park was very empty.

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Random Journal Page 38

This week's random page from one of my sketchbooks features two of the rejected prints from the artist book La Sonámbula. I've always been entranced by the patterns and shifts that happen when printers fail.

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A Holga Experiment

I love my Holga cameras and have been playing a lot with putting 35mm film through. I was inspired by a picture in a book that was shown to me by one of the workers at my favorite local camera shop, Looking Glass Photo. I taped two rolls of 24 exposure 35mm film - one B&W and one color - around a 120 spool and carefully rolled them up with the sprockets overlapping. A little patience in the dark, and the camera is fully loaded.

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