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Get art in the mail! Who wants a postcard?

Alongside a renewed commitment to updating this blog more, I'm taking advantage of having a  space of my own to make some art.

In that vein, I'm announcing a new project to share my art with you! I've been printing and cutting and collaging and I have a stack of small art ready to arrive in your mailbox. A couple of dozen lucky friends, supporters, and random folks from the internet should get the first round in their mailboxes any day now.

Announcing the Postcard project for Patreon is a photograph of a variety of postcards by Laura Chenault.

Chopped up prints, photographs, and collages from my journals are samples of what you might get. I only printed one of each, so get your little unique piece of art on its way to you!

How do you get in on this? Just email me your address and let me know you want one.

Want to support more projects like this? Use the tip jar! Become a patron!