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I'm inspired by Jaymee Laws

I am inspired by Jaymee Laws. Pop culture references, lovely portraits, and powerful quotes combine in her bright, colorful, illustrations.
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I'm following Joanna Thangiah NSFW

Today I'm following Joanna Thangiah a snarky, funny creator. Self described on her Instagram page as "Feminist art trash, brown, queer, fat & mentally ill. NSFW sometimes."
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Inspired by Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon draws women and the spaces that they live in. Woman that look like my friends doing normal everyday things. Her diverse woman are watching TV, taking showers, eating chips. Her rooms look as if they someone has just walked out of frame and left their jeans, their dog, and Dolly Parton on the record player. Definitely click over to her site to see them all!
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I'm following Guiganoide

I'm in love with Guiganoide's funky illustrations of popular characters, especially her ​pieces of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from one of my favorite cartoons: Adventure Time. And if you look closely at their tattoos and coffee cups, they're a couple!
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The Book of Memory Gaps

The Book of Memory Gaps by Cecilia Ruiz is a beautifully illustrated series of short tales featuring characters that have different types of memory loss. Thoughtful, beautiful and poetic, the words
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Anatomical Illustrations by Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola uses anatomical imagery in his illustrations. His use of soft, colors in the Anatomical Phases combined with the female faces and flowers offers a perfect counterpoint to the exposed skeletal and muscular structures. The skeletons are much more the focus of his Capuchin Objects -- another series that I am really drawn to.
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