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Inspired by Travis Bedel Collages

I do a lot of collage -- possibly the media I spend the most time using. I'm in awe of these Travis Bedel collages. They really hit an emotional chord in me.

Travis Bedel collages are gorgeous

To use his own words, Travis is a master in "anatomical, zoological, and botanical amalgamation". I discovered him on Juxtzpoz in 2014 and have been a fan ever since.

Grow. Travis Bedel collages a torso from images of muscles and botanicals.

Grow. I really love the disconnect of the natural anatomy and the imaginary organs.

Adore. Travis Bedel collages the heart, lungs and esophagus from anatomical illustrations, crystals, flowers, and butterflies

Adore. The delicate flowers and butterflies are such perfect representations of the bronchioles.

Pinheaded. Travis Bedel collages  the jaw portion of a skull with a bouquet of cacti where the brain and skull would be. A humminbird is feasting on a flower on one of the cacti.

Pinheaded. This collage really makes me giggle. I do enjoy wordplay. That aside, the way the bouquet of cacti replaces the brain and the hummingbird feasting on them.

Just Breathe. Travis Bedel collages lungs where the bronchioles have all be replaced with colorful flowers.

Just Breathe. More bronchioles represented by botanicals. This collage makes me take a deep breath -- a reminder to try to stay calm.

Wellness. Travis Bedel collages a muscular torso, with a giant, red flower as it's head. The background is a lush wallpaper of foilage and flowers.

Wellness. The way the flowers from the lush background embrace this muscular torso is soothing to me.

These collages are really reasonating with me with all the talk of health and well being. Especially with the respiratory complications that come along with Covid-19. I'm finding the open and blooming lungs very meditative. Travis Bedel has a really unique vision and the way he executes these collages is flawless. 

I'm sure these are digital collages, which is not my forté. To be honest, I haven't really been working in my sketchbook since we moved, so I'm super inspired to get out scissors, glue stick, and the few bits of collage fodder I've accumulated and make something!

Follow and Support Travis Bedel

Follow Travis Bedel on Tumblr where you see lots and lots of work, including great close up details. 

You can shop for prints by Travis Bedel at his Society6 store. Go do it now while they're on sale for 40% off! Artists need your support today more than ever.