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Week in Review

The Week in Review – August 3

Ouch a rejection - the joys of being an artist! Dusting myself off and moving on to other opportunities! I shot my next story for The Outsider on Friday, so stay tuned for more of my artsy adventures
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The Week in Review – July 13

My week was exciting! I went sailing on the bay with First Exposures and we also went to check out the area around the Exploratorium's old building. I can't believe I've never been there - it's gorgeous! I'll post pics from this adventure over the next couple of Tuesdays…
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The Week in Review – July 6

My second article - Anchors Away at the Norcal Pirate Fest - was published over at The Outsider this week! I've been busy running around and working on Monkey business during the very short holiday week and this blog was sparse. I promise this coming week will be full of art!
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