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Exploring Fort Bragg

Dave and I took an Easter trip to Fort Bragg to see Glass Beach at MacKerricher State Park. Anytime I get to be by the ocean, I'm happy. This day was especially chilly and we both foolishly didn't bring jackets. In Northern California. By the ocean. In springtime. Not our smartest decision. Despite the chill we went for a short hike, picked up a small bag of sea glass, and I took a ton of pictures while Dave shivered behind large rocks to shield himself form the breeze. I appreciate his patience as I switch cameras, change film, and take hundreds of photos…
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Exploring Union Point Park

Union Point Park is on the West side of Oakland right across from Coast Guard Island. My favorite part is a walkway that spirals up and has a stylized compass at the top with amazing views.
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Exploring West Oakland Shore

I'm mesmerized by this giant cement factory in West Oakland across from Alameda. I wish I could get inside and get really close to the cool machinery.
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Exploring Crown Memorial State Beach

This Thanksgiving, Dave and I spent most of the day at Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda. It was a crisp, beautiful day and nice way to spend the day being thankful for each other and the beauty around us. The huge bird sanctuary is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of birds. Although one of my best friend's since college is a bird watcher, I am not great at identifying them. I can confidently say I saw crows, pelicans, ducks, geese, pigeons, and seagulls. I'm pretty sure a chased an egret trying to capture it's elegant beauty and there were probably a half a dozen other birds that I couldn't name.
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Exploring Santa Barbara

I went down to Santa Barbara because a short film I produced, I Hate the Color Red, was selected for The Outrageous Film Festival. Jazmin Jamias, the film's writer and director and I took a road trip to this picturesque city and spent a bunch of time in the dark watching movies ;)
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The Rust of Alcatraz

Last week I shared some photos from my recent trip to Alcatraz with First Exposures. This is my second visit and last time was a year and a half ago. I'm a fan of rust and decay and the beauty in decomposing things.
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