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Random Journal Page 125

The changing of the year is just around the corner and I thought this spread from my sketchbooks was especially appropriate. Like a fiery phoenix rising from the ashes of the past we look towards another journey around the sun.
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Random Journal Page 123

This week's collage from one of my books. I love this image with a guy that looks as if he's about to take off – flying over the city. Combined with other torn bits from the image and a double printed map.
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Random Journal Page 121

I really love the quote in this week's spread from one of my journals: "It's more about the character then the destination" words from my directing instructor, Caroline Blair.
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Random Journal Page 120

This week's spread from one of my sketchbooks. I thought it was a good fit for a gluttenous week! The text reads: Tempt, Open Wide, and "…flaunting the insatiable pussy" – Marina Warner.
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Random Journal Page 119

In this collage from on of my journals there's a little hint of last week's cityscape, an image from La Sonámbula, and a still from an old movie.
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Random Journal Page 118

This weeks collage from my journals features an imaginary city created from an illustration and various artist papers.
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