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Ceramics by Kate MacDowell

Kate MacDowell makes gorgeous hand built ceramics using anatomical and botanical elements that are combined to create surreal forms that exist in dreams. I especially love the glow cast by her lit up
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Matriarch by Andrea Hasler

Andrea Hasler's Matriarch is a large sculpture created from polystyrene, wax, leather, and blood. Using a tent as a stand in for the womb is just brilliant! via Bone Lust
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Feather Sculptures by Kate McGwire

I find these Kate MccGwire sculptures breathtaking. The soft, organic shapes she creates are enhanced by her combinations of man made and natural materials. Coalesce Detail of Coalesce Cusp Detail of
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Stillness In Motion by Olga Ziemska

This gorgeous sculpture, Stillness In Motion: The Matka Series #1 by Olga Ziemska, is created with locally scavenged branches. Matka means mother in Polish and is the perfect description of this earth
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Inspired by Sam Jinx

I am completely blown away by the beauty of these lifelike sculptures by Sam Jinx. You should click over to his website to see more! Via Bone Lust
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Harvest Dome by SLO Architechture

Created from broken umbrellas and plastic bottles, the Harvest Dome 2.0 is the second, and successful attempt to launch this 24' x 18' perfect floating sphere from SLO Architechture.via Co.Design
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