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Random Journal Page 157

I'm back after almost a month! Life is a bit crazy and I had to sit down and scan a stack of books. I finally sat down and did that last week, so rejoice! New work coming your way. This week's spread from my journals is the inside front cover. Ephemera, memorabilia, random bits given to me... come together in a nice subtle piece. I call it: about our cover story.
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Random Journal Page 156

This week's random journal spread features the repeating screaming babies that I've been using as an appropriated image since 1988. Stealing from myself again and again and again ;)
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Random Journal Page 154

This week's spread from one of my sketchbooks features a found poem created using redacted text that is paired with a photo mural piece that is stained with fix.
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Random Journal Page 153

Hands posing in position to create shadow puppets combine beautifully with the skeleton-masked dia de los meurtos celebrator. If you look closely, you'll see an older collage poking out on the left.
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Random Journal Page 151

I'm back from a short posting hiatus. This week's spread from one of my sketchbooks. The text in part reads "the personal is political".
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Random Journal Page 148

If you look closely you can tell this random page from one of my sketchbooks has the same Kwik-Print reject as last week's spread.
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