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Consume: Random Journal Page 168

Another random spread from one of my many sketchbooks. The left side is an offcut from a letterpress class I took. Someday I hope to own my own press.
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Flare: Random Journal Page 164

I was raised on Polaroid and I always and forever love the whirr of the motor, the image shooting out, and developing immediately. Well in a minute or so. Another week, another spread from my sketchbooks.
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Random Journal Page 159

This week's random journal page from one of my many sketchbooks The text is attributed to "Prison Graffito" and says "Even the sun, with all its warmth, is marvelously detached."
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Random Journal Page 158

This week's random page from one of my many sketchbooks is dominated by things that cut. Scissors are an integral part of my artistic practice, so I was attracted to some magazine review of these various cutting tools.
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