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Inspired by Jen Lewis

Jen Lewis' series Beauty in Blood features beautiful, lush, colorful photos that are full of life and movement. Seemingly abstract, the fact that they are menstrual blood makes them even more beautiful if that is even possible. As a cisgendered woman, menstrual blood -- the physical representation of the cycle of life; a symbolic transition from childhood; one of the first times we were taught to have shame -- period blood is still often a taboo subject.
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Following Feminist Disney

I love the blog, Feminist Disney: Social Critique Through the Lens of Disney and Other Popular Social Media. This critical look at Disney, the princesses, and both gender and POC stereotypes is well written and funny.
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Visualizing the Pay Gap

Emily Nemens did this illustration for Lean In for the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. What I find especially fascinating is that I've always heard the 77 cent to the dollar comparison, but
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