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Following Queen of Luna

Queen of Luna uses make up and a series of cleverly wrapped and draped hijabs to transform herself into pop culture characters. From Disney princesses to celebrities and from superheroes to cartoon characters, she tackles them all.
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The Story of Menstruation by Disney

This video is an informative and hilarious look at menstruation from 1946 and put out by Disney and Kotex. The medical side is well done, but some of it is definitely dated. For example, the advice on dealing with the emotional side kind of boils down to suck it up, they're other people around. Also check out the make up on that baby! Happy Friday and enjoy a laugh!
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Following Feminist Disney

I love the blog, Feminist Disney: Social Critique Through the Lens of Disney and Other Popular Social Media. This critical look at Disney, the princesses, and both gender and POC stereotypes is well written and funny.
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Disney's Silly Symphony

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this classic, vintage short featuring dancing skeletons celebrating by the light of the full moon.
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