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The Rust of Alcatraz

Last week I shared some photos from my recent trip to Alcatraz with First Exposures. This is my second visit and last time was a year and a half ago. I'm a fan of rust and decay and the beauty in decomposing things.
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Exploring Alcatraz Again

I got to visit Alcatraz again last Saturday! This time it was with First Exposures, the awesome photo organization I volunteer with and we got to see the Ai WeiWei exhibit.
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Exploring: Alcatraz Prison Cells

The tour of Alcatraz not only includes the physical space the inmates were confined to, but in a few cases, recreations of personal artifacts. This is the last of my digital photo tour of Alcatraz
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Exploring: Inside Alcatraz Prison

The Alcatraz prison audio tour has won well deserved awards. I usually prefer to go it alone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews, the behind the scenes information, and the reenactments. Next
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Exploring: The Ruins of Alcatraz

Last week I started posting images I took during a recent visit to Alcatraz. Today's images feature the ruins. I especially love how the skeletons of the buildings look with the beautiful San
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Exploring: The Gardens of Alcatraz

I moved to San Francisco in September of 2001 and it took over 12 years and a visiting friend from Belgium for me to finally visit Alcatraz. Last October, I took hundreds of images, both digital and
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