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La Pointe Courte by Agnes Varda

I just got back from watching La Pointe Courte by Agnes Varda who I'm bestowing the title of "Matriarch of the French New Wave". A fresh 35mm print really shows off the beauty of this film. I could
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The aftermath remaining after loading up 2 rolls of film in the tank. I have to remember that small scissors make it hard to cut straight in the dark.
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Darkroom Time

My pile of film to be processed is always growing. This is only the B&W pile and doesn't include some negatives that are still in various cameras. Off to play in the soup!
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A Holga Experiment

I love my Holga cameras and have been playing a lot with putting 35mm film through. I was inspired by a picture in a book that was shown to me by one of the workers at my favorite local camera shop
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60 Seconds with David Lynch

David's Lynch's contribution to Lumière and Company. I just discovered this film, so I don't know much about it, but this section is beautiful. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Lumière
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