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Wearable Book

Wearable Book by Laura Chenault. Pages, cut in circles, attached together to make a thick necklace.
Close up of a section of the Wearable Book. White and gray pages, cut in circles and attached together.
Close up of two sections of the Wearable Book.
Very close up of pages in the Wearable Book.
Section of the Wearable Book coiled.
Pages of Wearable Book placed next to each other.
Pages, cut in circles, attached together.

This book was created from the waste product of building some large set pieces for Path of the Forgotten. Even though all the books I used were donated especially to be destroyed or rescued from the local recycling center, I still cringed a little drilling and cutting them. The pilot hole created by the large drill bits made the pieces look like large, flat beads. I gathered them, strung them up on linen bookbinding thread using the covers as punctuation along the necklace.

One of a kind book

approximately 1.75" diameter by 4'