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War is Menstrual Envy: 12.13.2007

Front of book, red hard cover with a square paper on upper right, containing outline drawings of two warplanes with red lettering below the second plane.
Close up of square paper on front cover, red letters say "War is menstrual envy".
Book opened on first page: shaded drawings of warplanes in black and white, stencil letters that say "Open your eyes", with red splatters across the page. On the left side of the inner cover: red lettering that says "12', "13", "2007" with author's name on the bottom.
left page is an old black & white photo of close-up on a young person. The right page is a painted outline of an atomic bomb cloud. Red splatters across both pages, paper stick figures pasted onto right page.
Close up of right page from previous picture: the numbers "3893" stenciled in white, on the left of the atomic bomb cloud.
Left page is a painting of an atomic bomb cloud with paper stick figures pasted on bottom. The right page is an old black & white photo of a large bomb cloud. The numbers "36731" stenciled in white across the left side, overlaying onto the left page. Both pages covered in red splatters.
Left page is an old black & white photo smeared with black paint. The right page is a mix of the outline warplanes and the atomic bomb cloud. "$4" is stenciled in white on the far right of the page. Red splatters across both pages.
Book fully opened in accordion style. Small typing across all pages.
Extreme close-up of small typing in previous picture. Names with ages are shown.

This book is made from rejected collograph and polymer photogravure prints. The collographs have chine-collé of paper dolls. The prints are hand torn and hinged together to make an accordion book. Acrylic paints have been added to the front. The numbers stenciled onto the pages are statistics from America's war in Iraq as of 12.13.2007. 3893 is the number of American soldiers who were killed compared with 36,731 Iraqi soldiers. The changing $477 million number is the amount of money spent on the war. The money is spent so fast, an emulated odometer is used to show the ever increasing number. The 4200 is the total number of American and allie troops killed. The back of the book is covered in photocopy transfers of all of the soldiers name, age, rank and the date they were killed. When displayed the back becomes a war memorial for the fallen. The book is named after the Nick Zedd film of the same name.