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I'm following Tussen Kunst

I'm following Tussen Kunst AKA between art and quarantine: a hashtag, a movement, and a creative reflection of our current situation.

Following Tussen Kunst: Between Art and Quarantine

The original brief was to pick a piece of artwork and use 3 items in your home to recreate it. The idea took off and the "Getty Museum Challenge" amplified the participants. As you can see from the examples below, many creators are going all out and throwing that three item suggestion to the wind. To acheive brilliant results.

I'm following Tussen Kunst and I found Woman in Biscuits is Julia Timoshkova‬'s recreation of Gustav Klimt's Woman in Gold. Woman in biscuits is a photograph of a woman laying on the ground enveloped in gold fabric that is patterned by the placement of biscuits, rolls, and cookies surrounding a young woman. The Klimt painting on the right is a young woman in a gold, highly patterned gown.

Woman in Biscuits is a recreation from Gustav Klimt's Woman in Gold by Julia Timoshkova‬. This is the one image that I can't find a source for the original creator. I especially love the sheer volume of snacks that Julia has surrounded herself with.

This amazing family recreation of black and white, cubist waretime mural Guernica by Pablo Picasso is amazing. The bottom is a black and white photo by Enfants Autour du Monde is one reason why I'm following Tussen Kunst

Pablo Picasso was one of my earliest favorites. His powerful, gigantic mural Guernica about the horrors of war is recreated by Enfants autour du monde. For some reason this versoin looks like. a family battle, while still staying faithful to the composition and feeling of the original.

I'm following Tussen Kunst because I never thought I would see a recreation of Marina Abramovic's Imponderabilia - a performance where gallery goers had to walk very closely between a naked couple on the left. The recreation by Chris Steiner using Barbie dolls made me guffaw out loud.

Marina Abramović's Imponderabilia by Chris Steiner

I'm following Tussen Kunst to see my favorite artist recreated. Picasso Picasso's painting Girl with Mandolin is a cubist vision of a woman holding a mandolin in neutral shades. It's recreated in a photograph by Stephanie Williams who has used tollet paper sheets to recreate the cubist look while holding a real mandolin.

Another Picasso favorite is Girl with Mandolin recreated by Stephanie Williams creativly using toilet paper squares to emulate the cubist look.

I'm following Tussen Kunst for this cool version of Frieda Khalo's painting Tea and Smokes redone by KSU Colorist. The reacreation features a woman with a heavy, drawn-on unibrow holiding a cup and a roll of toilet paper. On the right is Kahlo's original self portrait with a floral crown and a cigarette.

Frieda Khalo's painting Tea and Smokes redone with the cigarette and cup being replaced by toilet paper. and grain. A clever take by KSU Colorist.

I'm following Tussen Kunst so I can see Ksenia Krondo recreate The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. On the top is the recreation and on the bottom is the original painting. My apologies that I can't even begin to descrbe the imagery well.

And the image that inspired this post, this rendition of The Garden of Earthly Delights by HieronymusBosch. This photograph by Ksenia Krondo makes me ridiculously happy with their commitment to the surrealist masterpiece. Seriously though the commitment her is outstanding. The birds on the wall. The cat replacing the odd long legged furry creature.

I think you should join me in following Tussen Kunst's Instagram account, or follow along on most social media platforms with these hashtags: #betweenartandquarantine #tussenkunstenquarantaine #gettychallenge #gettymuseumchallenge #covidclassics #museumchallenge #mettwinning #gettymuseum #tussenkunstenquarataine #museumathome #metanywhere