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Following Marc Johns

I really enjoy the drawings of Marc Johns. Visually simple but content rich, the work is full of puns, visual jokes and stories. In between the silly and surreal, there are also inspiring moments.

A small print of What to Focus On used to hang in my office. 

What To Focus On by Marc Johns

Plastic Branches is a whole new take on faux bois.

Plastic Branches by Marc Johns

Red Rainbow

Red Rainbow by Marc Johns

MUST HAVE: Deluxe carrying case for an ampersand

Must Have by Marc Johns


His bedroom lightswitch also controlled all the traffic lights is an entire story to imagine!

His Bedroom Lightswitch by Marc Johns


The unshaven top hats have run amok 

The Unshaven Top Hats Have Run Amok by Marc Johns

Clouds with Bow Ties

Clouds with Bow Ties by Marc Johns

Paint Stripes on Your Arms Day

Paint Stripes on Your Arms Day by Marc Johns

Lightening Bolt Cats are Better

Lightening Bolt Cats are Better by Marc Johns