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Following Every Single Word

If we're Facebook friends, you have already seen me share Every Single Word, a Tumblr account that edits major motion pictures down to the words spoken by people of color. Dylan Marron makes a powerful statement about the presence of non white speaking roles in Hollywood with his powerful edits. I don't think I watched a single clip that was over a minute. It is beyond depressing.

His statistics on the entire Harry Potter series come in at: "Total POC talk time: 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Total run time of all films: 1,207 minutes. That comes out to 0.47% of screen time in which POCs speak throughout the entire series."

Here's a sample, 13 whopping seconds from first Lord of the Rings. Be sure to click over to the site and watch them all (or as many as your stomach can stand). Dylan will be doing a Q&A tomorrow, September 1, if you want to ask him about this project.