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Fabricated Photographs by Lori Nix

Lori Nix creates intricate miniature landscapes; one hundred percent hand built. Empty cities and deteriorating interiors suggest a disaster has happened. She has this to say about her work:

Devoid of people, these spaces become meditative and full of possibilities. The details in the buildings seem more pronounced and it is these details that point back to the humans who created them. Not merely structures to protect us from wind and rain, they are examples of man’s creativity, skill, and ambition.

Head on over to Feature Shoot to check out their excellent studio visit and interview with Lori.

Anatomy Classroom by Lori Nix

Acquarium by Lori Nix

Beauty Shop by Lori Nix

Circulation Desk by Lori Nix

Library by Lori Nix

Space Center by Lori Nix

Subway by Lori Nix